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5 Practical Tips for Buying a Blue Ridge, GA Vacation Home

May 5, 2021 | Blue Ridge Real Estate

Many of our clients find their dream vacation homes—properties that offer unmatched personal and financial rewards—through our Blue Ridge, GA real estate listings. We are a North Georgia Mountain realty firm dedicated to helping buyers find the best Blue Ridge properties.

Surrounded by mountains, woodlands, and rivers, homes in Blue Ridge, GA are known for breathtaking scenery. If you’re looking for a property with access to outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and golfing, here are seven tips from Blue Ridge Realty for buying your dream vacation home.

    1. Buy a Home Within Your Means

Before investing in Blue Ridge, GA real estate, we always advise our clients to only buy properties that they can afford. You can use our mortgage calculator to help you determine your budget. Once you enter the required information, we will provide you with a detailed per-year breakdown of interest and principal payments you have to make.

Even if you’re expecting income from your vacation home, don’t count on the revenue to pay for it. It’s okay to start with a small vacation home. You can keep enhancing it later on.

    1. Consider the Extra Costs

Once you determine how much you can afford, consider the extra costs in maintaining your home. Buying your dream home from a North Georgia Mountain realty firm involves upkeep expenses.

Here are some of the typical payments associated with maintaining a home:

      • Taxes
      • Insurance
      • Utilities
      • Lawn care
      • Repairs


If you live more than an hour away from your second home, you might also consider hiring a caretaker to keep your property in pristine condition. Please also note that homes in Blue Ridge, GA typically need annual deck repairs because of their mountain setting.

    1. Determine Your Reason for Buying a Home

Before you purchase a vacation home, determine why you want to buy it.

      • Will you visit it every summer?
      • Do you want to impress your family and friends with it?
      • Is it an investment to earn additional income?
      • Do you plan to retire in it?

When you know why you want to buy your home, you can effortlessly plan your budget and dictate your non-negotiables. We highly recommend making a list of reasons and enumerating your preferences to find the perfect vacation home.

    1. Weigh the Pros and Cons

Even if you’ve already decided to purchase a specific vacation home, we still suggest weighing its pros and cons. We recommend doing this activity to enhance the positive aspects and minimize the negative factors of your investment.

For example, if the vacation rental industry in your home’s area booms every summer, consider renting it out for most of that season. Additionally, if you do not have the time to maintain your home, hire a property manager to help you out.

    1. Make Sure You’ll Spend Time in Your Vacation Home

If you’re going to invest in a North Georgia Mountain realty property, make sure you’ll spend time in it. We offer an extensive range of high-quality Blue Ridge, GA real estate listings with breathtaking homes.

Here are some facts on homes in Blue Ridge, GA:

      • Overall livability score of 76
      • Access to exhilarating outdoor activities
      • Excellent local amenities
      • Low crime rates
      • Low cost of living

Before you start looking for homes in Blue Ridge, GA, make sure this setting is ideal for you.

Find Your Dream Home in Blue Ridge, GA
If you’re ready to invest in a go-to vacation home for any season, call Blue Ridge Realty now. We can help you find your dream home no matter your budget or preferences.

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