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There is one main Hospital in McCaysville. The hospital is Fannin Regional Hospital, located in McCaysville.

Fannin Regional Hospital is rated one of the 10 best Hospitals near McCaysville, GA. Fannin Regional Hospital is part of the Georgia Board of Health Care Workforce.

It offers emergency department services and is a well-regarded hospital that serves the McCaysville, Georgia community and is considered one of the top healthcare facilities in the local area.


McCaysville’s main shopping scene is the Riverwalk Shops. The Riverwalk shops has a variety of specialty stores and boutiques such as a record store with vinyl, antiques, arts/crafts, souvenirs, local artisan products, boutiques, deli and coffee shops, pet stores, gift shops, pasta markets, and more!

In McCaysville there are also stand-alone shops in the same area such as the Pic N Vine, MB Woodworking, and the Treasure Chest.


The only Local School is (FCHS) Fannin County High School, set up right in McCaysville itself. FCHS holds a vision of excellence for all students, with a successful progression at each level and a 100% graduation rate.

FCHS provides high-quality education and encourages students to achieve academic success. FCHS offers a range of extracurricular activities and programs for students to get involved in beyond the classroom.


A nearby Young Harris College offers an early college program, which allows high school students to take free college courses and get ahead on their college credits.

McCaysville supports and provides an opportunity for young children to be involved with the Fannin County Head Start program for early education and development.

McCaysville’s FCHS stresses the importance of parent and community involvement to increase student achievement.


Toccoa River

Rolling Thunder is a well-known company for providing outdoor river adventures in the gorgeous valleys of Appalachia. A great company to go with for any thrill seekers that want to get wet.

Rolling Thunder provides exhilarating whitewater rafting trips on the legendary Ocoee River as well as the Nantahala River, known for its thrilling rapids.

Rolling Thunder also provides more laid-back, relaxing trips on the Toccoa River on a tube or kayak. -Toccoa River Tubing Company

Horseshoe Bend Park

A Scenic River Park in nearby Mineral Bluff.
When it comes to river parks, Horseshoe Bend Park in McCaysville, Georgia is one of the most beautiful river parks and is full of life and excitement.

Horseshoe Bend Park sits right next to the Toccoa River. Bring your family to enjoy a picnic in the mountains, a dip in the river, fishing, and more!

Horseshoe Bend Park in McCaysville also hosts the Pickin’ in the Park! From May to September, expect Musicians to display their musical skills throughout the park for all to hear for free!

Horseshoe Bend Park also facilitates playgrounds, a volleyball net, picnic tables, and shelters that you can rent for a party!

At Pickin’ in the Park Musicians play bluegrass and acoustic every Thursday during the summer. (Memorial Day – September)

Toccoa River Park
  • Has Picnic Tables, grills, a playground, and a fitness area.
  • Offers Hiking, and fishing
  • Has nearby campgrounds such as the Toccoa Valley Campground.
McCaysville Park
Has a playground, picnic tables & boat ramp on the Toccoa River.
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