Things to Know Before Moving to the North Georgia Mountains

Oct 9, 2020 | Blue Ridge Real Estate

It may look like the reasons for relocating to the North Georgia mountains would be as varied as the people moving there. However, that’s not always the case. The beauty lies in the fact that the said reasons can all be distilled down to a few basic highlights that everyone seeks– natural beauty, a relaxed lifestyle and friendly communities. And of course, the right choice when it comes to the precise location. This article focuses on those little details about the important things to know before moving to this picturesque paradise.

North GA Real Estate is An Investor’s Dream

If you would love to own a home in North Georgia but aren’t ready to relocate full-time, you may want to consider looking into North Georgia Mountain rentals. The low home prices combined with the area’s booming tourism industry certainly makes it an investment worth your while. Whether you rent out your lakehouse part-time or decide to run a full-fledged cabin rental company, the premises will buzz with tenants all year long!

The Fascinating Outdoor Lifestyle

North GA Mountain realty offers countless ways to spend your time outdoors. Tourism is the area’s biggest highlight, thanks to the numerous water bodies, hiking trails, and the infinite possibility of adventures. You could go fishing, camping or simply spend the day in the lush surroundings that promise to invigorate your mind, body and soul! Skiing, golfing, or horseback riding, there is never a dearth of things to do in North Georgia Mountains.

You will Be Spoiled for Choice

From quaint towns in a historic area to modern and high-tech features, some of the best places to relocating to the North Georgia Mountains promise the best of both worlds. There are thriving local businesses, salons, and a large selection of natural resources. And among the things to know before moving are the fascinating mix of urban services and stunning countryside landscapes. All of it is available at affordable prices.

When it comes to choices, you will also love the variety of housing. Between the vacant fields that can be used for new construction builds, and pre-existing properties, you can be certain that whatever it is you are looking for, North GA offers it somewhere. And the surrounding areas located nearby lakefront communities, the properties are a great bargain for today’s real estate prices.

Amazing Local Food

For many people, food tops the list of things to know before moving to any place. And the best places to live in North Georgia Mountains do not disappoint in that department!

You can find locally-sourced and farmed all-day breakfast joints, shops selling gourmet chocolate and fudge, fine dining restaurants with riverside views, and tons of delicious comfort food. Moreover, there are several local breweries and wineries that offer opportunities for tours and sampling, while you munch on cheese plates!

Weather & Natural Disasters: Vital Things to Know Before Relocating to The North Georgia Mountain

The state of Georgia has a humid subtropical climate, with hot summers and mild winters. So, any month can be the best time to visit North Georgia Mountains. While average rainfall is reported at 50 inches, temperatures remain between 53°F and 72°F. Though the place is safe, there can be earthquakes, storms, hurricanes, and volcanic activity once in a blue moon.

Tons of Privacy

Even in less remote, more residential mountain areas, you’re not going to be up against your neighbors like you are on lower land. That is because you’ll have plenty of mountain space to call your own for living and relaxing. Mountain living in North Georgia is ideal for people who appreciate peace and nature.

A Community with Welcoming Traditions

The localities in North GA Mountains are known for their seasonal traditions and annual events. The area is often the home to music festivals, traditional fruit picking activities, cook-offs, fairs, art shows, and other events that have the power to bring the community together.

Among other things to know before relocating to the North Georgia mountains, are schools, job opportunities, and prospects that may interest you. A little bit of research can help go a long way when you are considering relocating to or exploring a brand new destination. Do the groundwork and talk to the local realtors for sound advice regarding any investment or move you may consider.

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