Things You Should Find Out Before Buying A House In The Hills

Feb 18, 2022 | Blue Ridge Real Estate

When you decide to move into a new house, at first determine the location you choose to live in. It could be a new neighborhood a few blocks away, along the coastline, or in the mountains. While some of the buyers prefer to stay within their local community, others move farther out in search of a better quality of life. If the quality of life tops your priority list, we recommend an enclosure in the serene North Georgia mountains. Be assured of smiling faces, breathtaking adventures, and picturesque surroundings every time you step out of your new home.

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However, do keep a note of the following facts for a head start at your new address in the hills.

Idyllic living conditions: 
Yes, it is magical to see the sun peeping and hiding behind those tall peaks at dawn and dusk, but life in the hills can be challenging if you are not equipped with the proper tools to face adversities. The idyllic surroundings could be a good reason to temporarily move away from urban life’s noise, but a permanent residence away from the civilization has possible drawbacks. It’s advisable, therefore, to spend a considerable time or an extended vacation in the hills to feel the vibe of the place and figure out whether you are in sync with the reality of staying in seclusion.

Importance of Commuting:
When you plan to acquire a property in the hills, accessibility is of prime importance. With limited access to the highways, commuting can pose serious problems, especially at night and during monsoon or inclement weather conditions. Running daily errands on rough or slippery terrains could be risky and hectic at times. Having a private vehicle is a necessity and be prepared to make your pathway if your chosen house is situated off the highway or the main road. Learn to stay calm if you are trapped at home without supplies for a few days due to natural calamities. Also, idyllic settings prove more fruitful for people with careers in art and culture than the professionals in the other field who needs to commute daily to their workplace. The best part about Blue Ridge GA properties is that it is well connected to the city and is easily accessible. Therefore, making it an ideal place to buy a vacation home.

Frequent power outages:
Check out the power supply while looking for houses for sale in North Georgia. Mountain homes can be tricky when it comes to an uninterrupted power supply. Ensure the dwelling has sound power backup systems in place. However, if you are looking to experience the true rustic life, do stock up on your batteries, extra flashlights, and candles to ward off the peril of frequent power outages in the hills. Power outages could extend over a week, so it is crucial to have backup generators and water tanks in place. Organization and preparedness are the two vital aspects of a peaceful life in the hills. Propane tanks can be of great use for heating water and cooking food, while generators can power up the phone lines, internet, and refrigerators.

Hazardous communication:
Cell coverage can be spotty at mountain homes. Be prepared to face internet and phone breakdown in case of a power cut. Seek expert guidance of Blue Ridge realtors to figure out the closest source of help in case of such emergencies. Backup generators could be the only option to restore power, except when the lines have been damaged for some reason.

Land Hiccups:
Residences in hilly terrains are home to mudslides and falling trees. Commuting could pose severe risks in such cases. Also, make sure that the house you choose to live in is well exposed to sunlight and air circulation. Check and ensure that the house has a proper clutter-free drainage system. French drains are mandatory since it helps drive away water from the property. It is advisable to choose a home near the downslope to prevent mudslides. The Blue Ridge realtor would help you find the perfect place.

Know your neighbors well:
Getting to know your neighbors is one of the essential tasks that you must do without fail. A good rapport with your local community or neighbors can give you invaluable information about the place and address other related queries. With North Georgia mountains as your preferred choice of a mountain house, be assured of the friendliest neighborhood you have ever come across. You come across some of the most social and hospitable beings you have ever known. You stand a good chance of making genuine friendships while walking past the waterfalls, shopping for groceries at the local shop, or sipping coffee at the local café.

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Wrapping UP

Now that you have chosen the pristine North Georgia mountains as your new home hook up with Blue Ridge GA properties and check the list of houses for sale in North Georgia. Blue Ridge realtors have properties suiting all kinds of budgets. To learn more about an enjoyable living experience in the mountains, reach out to Blue Ridge GA properties and check out the beautiful hill houses in person.

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