5 Reasons Why Our Tiny Homes in Blue Ridge GA are Better Than a Hotel

Jul 15, 2022 | Blue Ridge Real Estate

After a long week of grinding at work, you deserve a vacation. It is meant to relax your mind and refresh your mood. However, not everyone has the luxury of going on vacation for weeks, which is why weekend getaways or mini-vacations are becoming increasingly popular. Blue Ridge in Northern Georgia has become increasingly popular among weekend vacationers for the views and activities it provides. The homes in Blue Ridge offer spectacular views and let you spend your time off nestled in the mountains, surrounded by the wilderness.

Planning your vacation is one of the most exciting phases of your holiday. Though staying at a hotel might seem ideal at first, you should consider spending your time away in one of the splendorous Blue Ridge Mountain properties. These homes offer world-class amenities while still offering you a stay option that blends into nature. 

These are the top 5 reasons why staying at a home is better than a hotel:

1. More Space for Everyone

When staying at a hotel, you will be confined to a single room. If you are planning to go with your loved ones, staying together should be a priority. Homes in Blue Ridge can fit about 5 – 7 people at a time. You can spend your vacation bonding with family and loved ones in a nurturing environment. It is also an excellent option for team-building exercises. You can also plan your next day better if everyone stays under the same roof.

2. Top of the Line Amenities

Unlike hotels, these homes come fully equipped with every imaginable material comfort. Furthermore, most of these homes are located in friendly neighborhoods with access to various public spaces like community pools. If you have children accompanying you, these locations also house playgrounds for all age groups. North Georgia also houses a few spots to spend your time alone, like secluded fishing spots. If you are looking to have an engaging vacation, you can visit one of the several community kitchens or any of the festivals that this town hosts all year round.

3. Live Close to Nature

The purpose of a vacation in Blue Ridge is to disconnect from the stresses of city life and reconnect with yourself in a calm, serene environment. Staying in a hotel would defeat the entire reason for a vacation. Therefore, staying in one of the homes offered by North Georgia Mountain realty can help you spend your days off in the comfort of a home while being wrapped in nature. The backyards of these houses blend into the wilderness, and you are never too far from a mind-blowing trek or a breathtaking waterfall.

4. Say Yes to New Experiences

Everyone stays in hotels. If you want your vacation to be memorable, you need to do something different. Start by saying “yes” to staying at home instead of a hotel. Nothing beats the joy of staying under the same roof with your entire vacation party. This is an experience like no other. Staying at one of these homes is enough to leave a lasting impression on you and your loved ones, becoming a sweet memory to cherish.

5. Feels Like Home

Staying at a home in Blue Ridge can be one of the best experiences you will cherish for a lifetime. You can enjoy spectacular views from the comfort of a home. A home with fully equipped bedrooms, roomy living rooms, and a fully stocked kitchen can be one of the most comfortable accommodations available to a vacationer. After all, there is no place like home.

Final Words

From pristine mountain views to deep fishing spots, Blue Ridge is the perfect vacation spot for you and your family. You can further enhance this experience by living close to nature in full-equipped homes that offer the best-in-class comfort, space, and experience. These homes enable you to enjoy the best of both worlds when it comes to vacations. 

In a place like the Blue Ridge Mountains, everyone can enjoy a personally-tailored vacation. If you are an adventure seeker, plenty of hiking trails lead to spectacular waterfalls and adrenaline-rushing ziplines. If you are looking for some personal quality time, these homes are close to secluded fishing spots and streams for boating. If you want to be in joyful company, Blue Ridge hosts events of every size throughout the year, in which the entire local community comes out and actively takes part. You can enjoy all these and more if you choose to stay at home in Blue Ridge instead of a typical hotel.

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