Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Home in the North Georgia Mountains

Jul 15, 2022 | Blue Ridge Real Estate

“Home is where the heart is.” This is a motto we all live by. But we ignore a critical aspect of a home; the location. Why not choose the pristine North Georgia Mountains to live with your family? Buying a home is a considerable investment. You cannot go wrong by investing it in a place surrounded by pristine mountains amidst a tight-knit community. The homes in North Georgia offer a fantastic variety of living styles and outdoor activities. 

You can enjoy the enthralling views of encompassing mountains and splendid waterfalls just a few minutes from your bedroom. Besides having the safest neighborhoods, the region also has excellent school systems for your children to build a bright future. 

Among the innumerable reasons to buy a home in North Georgia, here are the top 5 (five)!

1. Safest Neighborhoods in The Entire Country!

North Georgia is widely known for its people’s hospitality. The residents are among the most humble and welcoming, making this the perfect spot for your kids to grow in a nurturing environment. The communities are tight-knit, and everyone comes to aid each other in every way possible. While big cities like Atlanta can provide you with dystopian city life, the towns in North Georgia boast a crime rate that is considerably lower than the national average. This is because of the tight-knit communities and the highly educated population of the state. There is no place safer for you and your loved ones than in your home in North Georgia.

2. Affordable Cost of Living!

Everyone wants to save money. After spending a sizable chunk of your life savings, you will look for every opportunity to save money. You cannot do that in places with a high cost of living. But in the North Georgia Mountains, you can save quicker and more efficiently, thanks to the low cost of living. North Georgia towns are ranked as low as 159 in terms of counties with the lowest cost of living. This gives you not only an opportunity to save money after you move in but also while buying a new house. The median listing prices of properties in the North Georgia Mountains are as low as $254,900, making it one of the cheapest places to buy a house in the country. The housing costs are so low that even the towns with the highest median cost of living in the entire state are still about $11,000 lower than the national average in The United States of America.

3. Outdoor Adventures for All!

Living in the North Georgia Mountains means that you will never be too far from adventure. A trek through the Appalachian Trail is something that is on the mind of every adventure seeker. On top of that, the region is filled to the brim with lakes and rivers, making it nothing short of a dream for people who are passionate about fishing and boating. You can have a new adventure every day and take on new trails to witness breathtaking waterfalls. Suppose you are not a thrill seeker and prefer cathartic activities. In that case, there are plenty of orchards in the vicinity to spend your quiet afternoons with family.

4. Buzzing All Year Round!

If North Georgia is famous for something besides the fantastic vistas it offers, that would be the countless festivals and fairs it hosts. Suppose fishing or hiking along scenic mountain paths are not your cups of tea, and you prefer more socially engaging activities. In that case, North Georgia will cater to you too. The region hosts many festivals and fairs all year round, and the most popular ones are usually held during the fall. Festivals like Ellijay’s annual apple festival, Dahlonega’s gold rush days, and Hiawassee’s Oktoberfest are the most well-known of the bunch. In fact, the Oktoberfest is the biggest in the entire country. However, it also hosts several small-scale events in which the community as a whole comes together to take part and volunteer. Every weekend will be eventful for a resident of the North Georgia Mountains.

5. Panoramic Views from the Comfort of Your Bedroom!

The views that any North Georgia Mountain Realty offers cannot be discounted. The houses in the region offer staggering views of the towering mountains and lakefronts. There is no need to go on a hike to enjoy splendid vistas when you can enjoy them from the comfort of your own home. Rest assured that you will never get tired of the view because it changes with the changing seasons. Each seasonal view is as breathtaking as the previous one. You can spend your evenings sitting on a chair in your backyard, sipping coffee while taking in the full glory of the amazing vistas of North Georgia.

Real Estate in North Georgia Mountains

North Georgia Mountain realty has seen a steady rise in recent years as hordes of people move into the beautiful homes of the region. This is why you need to buy a home in North Georgia at the earliest to avoid missing out on a golden opportunity. Even if you do not wish to live in the region, investing in real estate can be like striking a pot of gold. With the low prices and the exponential growth in the influx of tourists, North Georgia has become ripe for real estate investment. With properties selling like hot cakes, you too can get in on the action.

The Takeaway

The homes in North Georgia are an excellent showcase of how North Georgia Mountain realty can cater to every individual requirement and budget. There is a home for everyone here, from people looking to start a family to retirees who want to spend their leisurely years tucked deep in the mountains. These mountain houses (ranging from fully equipped mansions to rustic log cabins) have access to all the modern creature comforts while still providing a close-to-nature lifestyle. If you wish to experience the true spirit of mountain living in all its glory, North Georgia is the place to be.

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