5 Things To Know Before Purchasing A Home In North Georgia

Jun 6, 2022 | Blue Ridge Real Estate

Before purchasing a new home, the most crucial thing to determine is where you want to live with your family. While some prefer living in a tight-knit community, others prefer living in spaced-out mansions or rustic log cabins. The homes in Blue Ridge cater to both crowds. North Georgia provides stunning views from the comfort of your cozy bedroom window at a relatively low cost.

The neighborhoods in this region are welcoming and have one of the lowest crime rates in the country. Besides the general hospitality, Blue Ridge hosts several events like the famed Oktoberfest, making it one of the best regions to establish a home in.

Here are 5 (five) things you should know before purchasing a Blue Ridge Mountain property.

  1. Endless outdoor adventures

Sitting in the lap of the mountains, Blue Ridge is no stranger to outdoor adventures. Having a home amidst the Appalachian Trail can easily boost your mood and improve your quality of life. The region is filled with rivers and lakes, making it a paradise for people who are into boating, fishing, and water skiing. It’s no surprise that the North Georgia Mountains are on the bucket list of every adventure seeker. Hikers can pick from dozens of hiking trails that meander through breathtaking forests and enchanting forest landscapes. If treading along the path less taken isn’t your thing, there are plenty of orchards where you can spend afternoons with your family.

  1. Best neighborhoods in the country

Blue Ridge is not only known for its massive tourist attractions but also for being a great place to raise your kids. Besides having the most attractive views, the region is home to the most welcoming and friendliest people. The neighborhoods also have numerous elite schools in the country. These mountains also have a low cost of living and an abundance of local amenities, which has made the region popular among retirees. Additionally, the towns in this area have one of the lowest crime rates, a lot lower than the national average.

  1. Breathtaking views in all directions

North Georgia Mountain realty has a unique collection of homes with staggering views of the mountain vistas. You do not need to go on a hike to enjoy the views of the serene mountains. Instead, you can do so from your bedroom. Though ever-changing, these views remain breathtaking throughout all seasons. You are never too far from a picturesque view, either from your windows or your backyard.

  1. A reclusive atmosphere

If you are looking for a peaceful place to settle down, North Georgia is your best bet. The properties here are in secluded spots that are away from the hustle and bustle of large metropolitan cities like Atlanta. It is still close enough to Atlanta, so you can commute while being far enough to let you live in a reclusive atmosphere nestled deep among the mountains.

  1. Full of activities and events

There is always something to do in North Georgia. You can go on a hiking trip or enjoy a slow afternoon fishing in your favorite spot. If these outdoor activities are not your cup of tea, you can always attend the local festivals and celebrations. Blue Ridge is known to host multiple festivals and fairs. Events like Ellijay’s annual Apple Festival, Dahlonega’s Gold Rush Days, and Hiawassee’s Oktoberfest (the biggest in the country) are some you cannot afford to miss. Smaller family-friendly events are also organized every weekend when the big events are taking a break; the entire community participates in these. You can enjoy the benefits of this tightly knit community during these events.

Real Estate is Booming in North Georgia

North Georgia Mountain realty has been booming in recent years as flocks of people migrate to places like Blue Ridge to settle down. This puts real estate investors in a unique position. If you do now wish to move to the serene mountains yourself, or if you already live in these excellent neighborhoods, investing in real estate will be a wise decision. The prices are low, and with the exponential growth in tourism, North Georgia is a dream come true for real estate investors. You can even rent out your properties to tourists and vacationers. Everything is in demand, from luxury mansions to small log cabins all year round!

The Takeaway

There is a home for every personality type and every budget range in Blue Ridge. From someone who wishes to start a family in a great safe neighborhood to someone who wants a secluded cabin to stay in, everyone is welcome. The luxury homes here have all modern amenities at their disposal while providing mesmerizing views and a backyard that blends into the wilderness. The log cabins offer rustic living at an affordable price so you can enjoy the true spirit of mountain living. Having a home in the picturesque North Georgia Mountains among the safest neighborhoods is a life-changing prospect.


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