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Why Should You Consider Buying a Home in Blue Ridge

Nov 20, 2022 | Blue Ridge Mountains

One of the primary reasons people move to North Georgia is to witness the breathtaking panoramic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains every day from their homes. Waking up to this spectacular view is an experience unlike any other. These views are so appealing that most Blue Ridge mountain homes for sale only stay open in the market for a short time as they tend to sell like hotcakes. After all, everyone wants a spectacular view from their home every morning.


Why Should You Consider Buying a Home in Blue Ridge?

Out of the numerous options available throughout the country, you must be wondering ‘why Blur Ridge?’ We are here to answer your question and give reasons why you should seriously consider buying a home in Blue Ridge, whether to start a family or to spend your leisurely hours after you’ve retired.


Here are the top 5 (five) reasons why you should buy a home in Blue Ridge.

1. Enjoy Life Outdoors.

Being a homeowner in Blue Ridge opens up a lot of potential adventures for you. From taking a hike along the renowned Appalachian Trail to visiting a local waterfall, Blue Ridge offers a wide variety of outdoor adventures for you and your family. Even if you are not a hiker, the location is dotted with lakes and rivers that offer excellent fishing spots. Looking for a weekend family activity? You can always visit one of the numerous orchards in the area to spend a leisurely weekend picking apples with your kids.


2. Take Advantage of The Safe Neighborhoods.

Towns in Blue Ridge in North Georgia offer one the lowest crime rates in the entire country. This is primarily due to a combination of a tightly-knit community and the high education standards of the region. Safety is vital, especially if you are starting a new family or retiring with your dearly beloved, and Blue Ridge offers that in plenty.


3. Take Part in Festivals.

Apart from the breathtaking views and the gorgeous hiking trails, Blue Ridge is home to famed festivals like Ellijay’s Annual Apple Festival, Dahlonega’s Gold Rush Days, and Hiawassee’s Oktoberfest. However, the community always comes together and organizes smaller community festivals and events regularly so you will always have something to do and an avenue to socialize with your neighbors.


4. Save Money with Low Living Costs.

Saving money is crucial if you are starting a new family or if you just spent a significant portion of your savings on buying real estate in Blue Ridge Mountains. However, you will be relieved to know that North Georgia offers a very low cost of living. Small towns in Blue Ridge are considerably lower than the national average, and so are the housing costs at about $11,000 lower than the national average.


5. Take in The View.

Nothing beats the spectacular view of sprawling mountains. What if you could enjoy it everyday from the comfort of your own home? That is what you sign up for when you buy Blue Ridge Mountain homes for sale. Every home offers a unique view; whether it is of the lakefront or of the towering peaks, you will always be taken aback by the beautiful scenery.


Finding Beautiful Blue Ridge Mountain Homes for Sale

With the rise in popularity of mountain homes in Blue Ridge, finding the perfect one for you has become more accessible. You can find a place to call home in an instant with our MLS search tool.

If you’re wondering what an MLS search tool is, we are here to explain to you in detail how it works. The first step in finding your dream home is to browse through our vast collection of bespoke home listings all over the North Georgia Mountains through our MLS listing. You can also filter out homes to find the ones that best suit your needs.

  • You can click on the MLS tab on our website to get to the search page.


  • Once you’ve opened up the MLS page, you can now insert the listing ID of a property that you like, to fetch its details. However, if you do not have a property in mind or a listing ID, you must click on ‘advanced search.’


  • Once you’re on the advanced MLS page, you must select the property type: residential, apartments, commercial, or lots & land. You must also determine the property sub-type according to your requirements and choose the city you want to purchase property in (Blue Ridge, in this case).


  • You can now filter the search results by budget, the number of bedrooms, area, or any of the other filters available to you.


  • If you are looking for a home that provides you with a mountain view, you must select or type ‘mountain view’ on the ‘special conditions’ criteria. Doing so ensures the listing only contains properties with mountain views.


  • Now that you have a list of properties that fulfill your search parameters, you must select one and go through its details like description and features like appliances, condition, construction, etc. You can also browse through pictures of the property, and since most listings include a geo-tag, you can find the property on a map for the bird’s eye view of your potential home.


  • The last thing to do once you’ve selected a property of your liking is to call a professional realtor to help you purchase real estate in Blue Ridge Mountains. Typically, most realtor’s websites provide contact details, and you can call them up and set up an appointment in an instant.


Finding your dream Blue Ridge mountain home for sale is easier than ever with the help of a professional realtor who can help you from finding the right property to helping you land a great deal on it. Since buying a home is a significant investment, you cannot afford to get it wrong by investing in a bad deal.

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